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Tiwanaku's statues Tiwanaku's statues Tiwanaku's statues
Bolivia's national flower (Cantuta) Trip in Bolivia, summer 1998. Bolivia's national flower (Cantuta)

Bolivia is the American Tibet - the highest and isolated republic of this continent. This scenic landscaped country managed to stay far from our modern society influence. The several pictures I have taken in summer 1998 compose this site. This remote highland is hardly unknown but serialise several unexpected records.

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La Paz is the highest capital of the world. The million of inhabitant is perched between a height of 2500m and 4000m (8000 to 13000-ft.). Picture of La Paz
The region of Uyuni and South Lipez is a huge volcanic desert with the famous Salar de Uyuni, which is the world's biggest salt lake.
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Picture of the Salar de Uyuni and of the South Lipez
Potosi was the second biggest city of the world in the 17th century because of the Cerro Rico, the silver mountain. Potosi's picture
Hang on for a 2500m (8000-ft.) steep slope on the most dangerous road of America! Coroico's road
5400m! (17700-ft.) This is the height of Chacaltaya where nobody can save enough breath for skiing on the word's highest ski resort. 5400m height's sight
Discover 2 cities completely different each other: Copacabana and Sucre. One is a pilgrimage place bordered by the Titicaca Lake. The other is the administrative capital of the country. Sucre and Copacabana

Tiwanaku's statues Tiwanaku's statues Tiwanaku's statues

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